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Houston Aircraft Partnerships

Houston Aircraft Partnerships

Making Affordable Ownership a Reality

Houston Aircraft Partnerships

Making Affordable Ownership a Reality

Your Premiere Service for Affordable, Private Aircraft Co-ownership

Our Premise

Welcome to our platform, where we’re driven by a fundamental reality: a significant percentage of GA airplanes within the fleet operate less than 100 hours per year, despite their capacity for several hundred flight hours annually. Often, these aircraft, originally designed for higher utilization, remain underused due to packed schedules, family priorities, and professional commitments, particularly affecting weekend warrior private pilots post-check ride. In response to this trend, shared ownership has swiftly emerged as the preferred choice, even among corporate circles, delivering unparalleled economic advantages.

What We Do

We specialize in facilitating general aviation partnerships across the of Houston and Southeast Texas region. Our focus is on connecting individuals interested in sharing aircraft ownership, whether you’re looking for an available slot in a plane or seeking to sell a share in an underutilized aircraft. Since 1993, we’ve been dedicated to bringing the joy of co-ownership to numerous pilots in the general aviation community, fostering connections that elevate the flying experience for all involved.

Why Co-Ownership Works

More Affordable

Aviation may seem costly at first glance, but don't let that discourage you from pursuing your dreams of flying high! Shared ownership or co-ownership is the perfect solution to help make aviation affordable and accessible to all. This option allows you to enjoy all the incredible benefits of ownership while splitting the costs with others who share your passion. So, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the thought of owning your aircraft, embrace the idea of sharing it with like-minded individuals eager to explore the skies! With teamwork and trust, you can significantly reduce the financial burden of ownership and start living your aviation dream today. Don't let anything hold you back; take off, soar high and reach for the stars!

More Options

Being able to reduce the cost of ownership is a huge advantage and opens up a world of possibilities. You can now experience flying an aircraft that you may have thought was out of your reach or even join multiple partnerships, giving you access to a broader range of missions. Imagine going camping or on hunting trips using a taildragger, and then changing it up for a fast cross country personal airliner or even a historical warbird for the airshow circuit. The choices are limitless! By reducing these costs, you're giving yourself the chance to fly with passion and the freedom to select from many options. So go ahead, take advantage of these opportunities, explore the high skies and fulfill your flying dreams!

Social Aspect

Imagine the thrill of soaring through the skies with like-minded individuals, sharing in the incredible experience of private air travel. The sense of community and bonding that comes with shared ownership is truly priceless. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with fellow aviation enthusiasts and expand your horizons in ways you never imagined. From the freedom and flexibility of flying on your own schedule, to the unforgettable memories you'll create with your new friends, the benefits of shared ownership are truly endless. So join us today and let's take to the skies together!

Past and Present Planes In The Fleet

We've Been There, Done That

We have achieved great things and are really good at making long-lasting partnerships. Here’s a photo gallery showing the great relationships we’ve built with some amazing partners. We’re proud of what we’ve done and can’t wait to keep going. We want to take on new challenges and make even better partnerships together. You are important to our success and we’re excited about what we’ll do in the future. Together, we can do anything!

What We Do

Locate Available Shares of Suitable Aircraft

Did you know that most aircraft shares are not widely advertised? Don't worry though – we've got the connections to keep you in the loop! Whether you're looking for information on what's available or what may be coming up, we've got you covered. Plus, we're here to help you find the perfect aircraft for your needs and even help you build and acquire a partnership from scratch. Let's work together to make your aviation dreams a reality!

Match Pilots, Aircraft and Missions

We believe that the best partnerships are those where each party brings their unique personality, mission, and skillset to the table. We are dedicated to fully understanding your vision and needs so that we can find the perfect plane and team to make your partnership a success. Let us take the time to get to know you and help match you with the right resources - we're here to make your life easier and your partnership even more enjoyable!

Establish Rules and Legal Structure

There are so many different types of partnership structures to choose from - it can be overwhelming! But no need to worry, we're here to help. We can work with you to find or create a structure for you with a customized operations guide that aligns with your specific partnership needs and preferences. We're happy to walk you through the different options and answer any questions you may have. By working together, we can ensure your partnership operates smoothly and efficiently. Let's make partnership even more exciting!

Manage Partnerships for non Pilots

Private aviation can be a great way to get from point A to point B without all the hassle of commercial travel. We totally get it if you're not interested in flying yourself, but don't worry - we're here to help! We can help you find a share or locate the perfect aircraft for your needs. Plus, we'll take care of all the details, like managing the aircraft and finding experienced and safe pilots so that you can sit back and enjoy the ride with your friends and family. If that sounds like something you're interested in, give us a call today to learn more! We can't wait to help make your dream of private aviation a reality.

Shares Currently Available

Frequently Asked Questions

How many partners are in a typical partnership?

Most partnerships are comprised of 3-5 co-owners with a few rare exceptions.

How is the registration paperwork handled?

The standard FAA registration and bill of sale forms are utilized; all co-owner names are listed on the registration certificate..

How is the billing handled and what is is the structure of the invoice?

You receive a monthly statement sent out by the designated “financial officer” partner. The invoice consists of a fixed monthly fee and an hourly fee derived from a log kept in the plane..

What are the monthly fees like?

Here are two existing partnerships : Comanche 3 way partnership; fixed monthly fee of $150 and $80/hr wet fee. Cessna 182 4 way partnership; $100 fixed monthly fee and $85/hr wet fee.

Is it cheaper to rent?

it depends on how much you fly. Most pilots that enter partnerships do so for several reasons that are not related to economics. - Flexibility in scheduling including overnight trips and no rushing back. - A known maintenance history and excellent equipment such as avionics etc. - The ability and availability to work on additional ratings in the same airplane. - Economic advantage especially if you fly more than 3 hours/month.

How is the maintenance handled?

A designated “maintenance officer partner” has the primary responsibility to review the squawk list and schedule the maintenance. Usually the operating agreement specifies how required maintenance/repair is handled versus how upgrades are handled.

How many hours are typically flown by each partner annually?

The number of hours flown by each partner varies between 25-70 hours; most members over a span of 15 years average about 35 hours.

What happens when there are scheduling conflicts?

On rare occasions 2 partners want to book the plane for the same time slot or day. Usually they pick up the phone and work it out. That normally happens once or twice a year.

Is there much interaction between the partners?

This varies between partnerships. Some meet on a regular basis for oil changes or washes etc. Others may run into each other bimonthly. On average you may run into a partner once or twice a month if you are an active pilot. Some partnerships have yielded great friendships over the years. Like anything else you get out of it what you invest in it.

How are regular expenses handled?

Each partnership has an established maintenance fund. They typically run around $2500; they are funded when the partnership is initially set up. If you’re joining a new partnership you may be asked to contribute a third or a quarter (based on your number of partners) of the anticipated amount. The fixed and hourly fees go into this account for replenishment.

How often are unexpected big expenses incurred?

Usually there is an understanding regarding this topic. If additional avionics are agreed upon by all partners then a one time assessment covering that expense is needed. Non anticipated assessments for mechanical reasons are rare but could happen its nice to be able to spread that expense 3 or 4 ways.

How available is the plane?

Ask the partner selling out for access to view their calendar. On average these planes fly 10-12 hours a month and are widely available.

How is the insurance handled?

Each plane has a policy that dictates the requirements in general and in type. For example one of the Cessna 182 partnerships requires a private pilot certificate, 100 hours total and 5 in type. These policies are usually rated on the least experienced pilot. At times the partnership may dictate you pay a surcharge to cover that extra expense if you are the lowest time person.



Get Started
$ 0
  • Review mission and goals
  • Find available share
  • Match potential partners
  • Setup Intro and demo ride
  • Resolve issues
  • Provide paperwork

Most Popular

Share price less than $30,000.00
$ 2000
  • All entry level content
  • Logbook Review
  • 120 day listing
  • Respond to and qualify all leads
  • Showing the aircraft
  • Digital marketing

High Flyer

Share price $30,001 - $75,000
4% ($4,000.00 minimum)
  • Everything in the Popular pkg
  • Review mission and goals
  • Market comparables reviews
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Includes most piston singles
  • Includes some light twins

Executive Flyer

Share price over $75,001
5% ($4,000.00 minimum)
  • Everything in the High Flyers pkg
  • Larger, more complex aircraft
  • Technically advanced aircraft
  • Cabin class singles
  • Multi-engine aircraft
  • Turbine, jet and rotary aircraft

New Partnership

Complete setup
5% ($4,000.00 minimum)
  • Everything in High Flyers pkg
  • Locate candidate aircraft
  • Negotiate purchase
  • Arrange pre-buys
  • Handle purchase paperwork
  • Retrieval, ferry and delivery

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